Weekly horoscope from June 26 to July 2: Your luck for this week; see which signs have lady luck smiling for them

Here’s what the ancient Tarot cards have to say about your Sun sign for this week:

Aries (Mar 21 Apr 19)

A whirlwind of raw energy comes your way. Use it to your advantage and you accomplish a lot in this period. Ignore it and you could end up wasting time with unproductive activities and the wrong company. A week that favours all kinds of creativity, your point of view has the power to be heard and your presence recognised. If there’s anytime to initiate change, it’s now. Just remember to be patient. Relationships come to the forefront as engagements and marriages are announced. And also a need to be wary of people who only promise but rarely deliver.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)`

With your ability to focus on the smallest of tasks, you realise it’s the little things that truly count. A lot can be done this week, and if you were waiting for some clearances, issues or notices, things slowly start progressing again. Don’t over analyse everything, go with your gut feeling, especially if you’ve been spending way too much time weighing the pros and cons of a few decisions. A major move may be on the horizon and knowing you, you will be well prepared in advance. Young souls in the family may need a little guidance.

Gemini (May21- June 20)

Your heart catches fire. The chemistry between you and a certain someone may be overpowering. Or you may feel the need to do something radically different at work. Break the rules and recreate a new order. Prepare to go ahead with an idea or project you feel passionate about. Artists, content creators and Geminis in the media may create waves. Just make sure you can sustain the enthusiasm in the long run. A good week to look at long-term financial planning, especially if you’ve been procrastinating.

Cancer(June 21 July 22)

Some stress is just not worth taking on. Decide in advance how much you can and cannot do. Detoxing yourself of old resentments allows for a positive flow of energy. Time to claim what is rightfully yours and steer clear of the manipulative tactics of a certain woman. At work, you may feel drained by the demands of your clients. Perhaps it’s time to take a short break. Or even start considering new lines of business or work. Alternative healing and meditative practices bring relief.

Leo(July 23- Aug 22)

Slow down and restart. You’re not listening to something that’s obvious to everyone else. You may find someone takes your generosity for granted.. Or you are a little closed to feedback or a new suggestion. Don’t underestimate the wisdom of a young soul. Money matters run smoothly and hard work from the past begins to show fruit. A good week to stay open to new influences, new ideas and a new lifestyle, especially if you’ve become more health conscious.

Virgo(Aug 23- Sept 22)

No more doubts about what could go wrong. How about focussing on what could go right? You’ve grown so much in the past couple of years and this week shows you how much of a difference you make to the lives around you. Your loyalty and diligence pay off. Students and job seekers find themselves getting closer to their dreams. And a pleasant surprise lifts the moods for all. Pending financial matters finally start moving in the right direction. Stay optimistic!

Libra(Sept 23- Oct 22)

Control your impulses. Keep your plans a little private for now. Revealing your ideas too early could shift the dynamic totally. A sudden decision could lead to a lot more headaches than you expected. Or a binge could make you sick. Time to be mindful of what you’re thinking and saying. And to be extra patient with slow processes and people who take their time. Travel plans may be made at a moment’s notice. A dynamic man could change your mindset with his charisma, and if single, expect to meet some charming souls in the days ahead. But will they commit? Time will tell.

Scorpio(Oct 23- Nov21)

Someone acts a little too overbearing for your liking. Or you may find your hands tied by bureaucratic processes and narrow minds. Not a time to give up, but just humbly take one step at a time. Keep a little aloof from office politics, and don’t blurt out anything you may regret later. A good week for writers, film makers, architects and planners, you’ll find a more receptive audience and receive appreciation for your work. Just be careful about overindulgence in food and drink. An old ailment could return.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

If a relationship feels suffocating, it may be time to move on. You may reach a point of exhaustion trying to explain yourself to someone who refuses to see your perspective. Someone doesn’t return the favour, or may avoid helping you. Reduce expectations and focus on self-reliance for now. Job seekers may need to be a little patient, but there’s good news ahead. Any form of self improvement or study brings a deeper understanding of self, and makes way for some positive changes in the weeks ahead. A change of scenery or climate may be just what your soul needs right now.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Keep the peace and avoid unnecessary quarrels and petty bickering. You may feel irritated by someone’s silence or lack of support. Or feel like it’s only you who are faced with obstacles. The minute you distance yourself from a problem, you discover you aren’t alone. And what seemed impossible at first, is pretty do-able provided you get along with others. Financially, expect to pay more than you anticipated for renovations, repairs and upgrades. Reaching out to an old friend brings much needed relief and laughter from the daily grind.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

In the recent past, you’ve learnt to be adaptable and flexible, to change, and that attitude is going to help you. Busy days ahead as you find yourself juggling between multiple responsibilities and working out money matters. Luck favours businesses, the self-employed and consultants who could find themselves in demand or managing many sources of money as well. Love and romance may take a backseat for now as your prioritise the financial aspects of life. Just make sure you stay in touch with those who love you. Health matters show progress.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

The card of self-honesty reminds us that before all else, we need to be honest with ourselves. Perhaps you’ve been fooling yourself for a little too long. Or you realise you’ve been living with a lie. Whatever it is, the truth brings relief and a way forward. Be mindful about ideas, possessions and documents. In your rush to go from place to place, you could misplace or lose something valuable. Work and study matters show progress when you understand how sacrifice is sometimes needed to reach a better place. A good week for introspection and bringing in positive changes in your daily habits. Good things await.

(Mita Bhan is a Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer)

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