There are six bodies swimming with the Fish. With Mercury, the ruler of this lunation amongst them, it could feel like everything we touch just flows through our fingers. It’s hard to organize.

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Get your setup layout suggested by Astro and Numerology. check if you go wrong or sit in a not suitable direction.

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Our Astrologer team will send you some Health advice according to your Natal Chart!

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In Pisces, our guard is down. We’re soft and malleable, changeable, utterly ruled by a swell of emotion. And Virgo doesn’t know what to do with it. Instinctively she wants to put it all in order.

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We are able to clean the Karma we have!

Karma is based on the idea of cause and effect. What you do now comes back to you. In other words, as you give money, you receive money. You may want to think of donating as creating a surplus of energetic money in your karmic bank account. The more good karma you amass by donating, the easier it is to withdraw at the time you need it. Giving regularly is akin to taking out a “karmic insurance policy.” Give a small or large amount. Whatever feels right to you is perfect.

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We Bring Astrology into Your Daily Life

Astrology is an ancient science based on observation. Even though it allows the knowledgable to delve deeply into the structures of the world, astrology is doubtless just as helpful and interesting in everyday matters. You can get an idea of when you read and look at the contributions of our artists and authors. We hope you will enjoy their insights.

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VIP Astrologer?

You are in the right place! as you know almost all astrology sites uses robots, software and algorithms to help you with you birth chart and advice! but we’re not!
we calculate your chart ourselves and one of our astrologer will be in touch with you!


Get your calculated Birth Chart by one of our astrologers and get the free numerology advice within 4-6hour!

you will receive PDF file including the chart and Interpretation

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Get your Detailed calculated Birth Chart by one of our astrologers and get the free numerology advice within 4-6hour in an one hour Whatsapp Call!

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Extra services for your Business are here

Business Astrological Chart

Creating a business astrology chart is not dissimilar to when you create a birth chart. Your business has an energy and life force all of its own and like you, it has a ‘natal promise’ of what it is meant to do,  be and achieve. your business has soul, believe it or not!

Business Name Consultation

Analyze it numerological, and try to find a name that has the appropriate numerological frequency to attract what you want.Learn More

Business Set-up Consultation

Vaastu is an art of structures and placing through which one can make balance between negative & positive energies. Here we present a brief analysis of harmonious Vastu for office and Work Place that can help in stability and enhancement of Luck for individuals.

Protect the dignity of those receiving care and to enhance the quality of

life for both seniors and their families.

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according to the Etsy shop reviews and Instagram directs.

2022-03-29-14.54.09Matt CarterBusiness Advisor

literally so amazing, you can tell they deeply care about their work i gave them the wrong info on accident and was willing to take the loss but she redid it all in one day !! so talented amazing work

2022-03-29-14.48.42Nawal HamdouniMakeupArtist

What can I say? I am so grateful to have come across’s page. I was looking for one item and next thing, I started shopping on her Etsy shop page. This Natal Reading was so on point for almost all the things I am aware of myself, strengths/weaknesses and qualities. I received the reading very quick before the time frame given, in fact. Thank you dear Amy and Soleiman

2022-03-29-14.47.18Mackenzy grayrmanArtist

I am so fortunate to have come across Astrologer vip . It was truly a pleasure to have her break down my birth chart reading for me . I did not know what to expect but I am truly blown away by the amount of immense detail she went into. My birth chart reading was 15 pages & it took me two days to read it. I will definitely be coming back for another reading!