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In the era when growing numbers of people feel a sense of meaninglessness and a desire to learn more about themselves, we are here to teach you how to  harness the zodiac to help you become more in tune with yourself and your place in the universe.

Astrology is about so much more than your sun sign. Understanding your birth chart , for example, can help you make a business, career or relationship decisions. It also been used to help us understand ourselves better. By looking towards the planets and cosmos, we, as an astrologers can gain key insights about you, including personality traits, interests, and even hardships based on their birth chart. Vey basic theory of your birth chart is ‘’a map of what was happening in the sky when you were born’’. 

This knowledge can be extremely validating, and can even help you make a big career move or know what kinds of relationships fulfill you the most. 

The first key is your sun sign which is your life’s purpose, the second key is your moon sign which is your physical and emotional needs. The last and third key is your ascendant (rising sign) and its a ruler of your life, your motivation for your life and steers person of your ship. 

For those who are interested in learning more about themselves, our team have several astrologer available 24/7 with their best recommendations, from introductory guides to deep-dives into transits and birth chart compatibility. We are pleased to announce our team making all the work  done by themselves, as all of us know humans are more accurate than a machine. 

good luck mates 

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