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Medical astrology is a part of astrology that utilizes the horoscope to identify weak areas of the body that maybe predisposed to illness as well as potential treatment options. If you looking for a health clues in your birth-chart you should know not always these effects might be physical, they are mental illnesses as well. If you are one of those who believe finding an astrologer is hard you should know finding a medical astrologer is more rare. They should have study both medicine and astrology and mastering both in the same time. 

Thats exactly doctors were required to do until 17th century in Europe. 


In fact the father of medicine, Hippocrates, is believed to have said: ‘’ he who does not understand astrology is not a doctor, but a fool.’’

The body part most likely to be associated with weakened vitality is connected to your sun sign, while you are not doomed to disease in this area, it is a potential sore spot, awareness, as always, can change everything. If you know a body part is a little weak, then why not take every step to strengthen and protect that body part?


Can you imagine how advanced our medical field would be if they still used astrology as tool in their diagnostic and treatment toolbox?

Here’s to hoping!


In the meantime you can always find enough handy list of what body parts are ruled by what signs such as we all know dear Aries effected in Head,Face,Brain,Eyes…. But we all know this informations are too general and not specifically maybe for you but don’t worry because we are here to proudly announce our astrology team in Medical Sections are ready to calculate your actually chart include all your medical issues and advises. 


Once again we are not a machine and all these calculations will be done via hands.

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