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Astrological Trading Advice

As we all know and believe, astrology has played an important role in predicting key events throughout history. Almost every race and culture has looked at skies, starting from Egyptians and Indians in the first century to America bankers in 20th. Unfortunately in todays culture, astrology is associated more with HOROSCOPE SECTION found in women’s interest magazines. However, the study of the skies goes far far beyond that. It is a complex and deep topic with many disciplines and variations.

Our astrologer team have in-depth knowledge of financial astrology, which might be question for you what that even means!

It’s the full information of zodiac houses and how each one represents a set of transit and qualities, how the planets are represented in different cultures and also the influences they have. Also how this retrograde cycles applies to people, businesses and markets.

This information is then combined and analyzed by our professional astrology team to determine as below:

  • The best dates to make an investments
  • What markets are worth exploring and when 
  • Which dates and markets should be avoided
  • When and how to lunch a new product and store 

How all this works?

Our professional astrologers have the full understanding of celestial bodies and how past predictions unfolded, they compare and combine various chart and methods to predict how a market may react in given period, which might be a day , week, month or decade.  

Billionaire banker JP Morgan was quoted as saying,

‘’Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do’’

It is important to note here that our astrologer team does not tell you how much to trade or what strategy to use, its mostly the suggests the behavior of a market and person. Basically we are here  to tell you when and how to take action on your trade.

Believing in astrology is personal choice. It is for you to decide when coincidence becomes too much to ignore them.

Once again we would like to announce these steps all applies via our astrologer team from all over the world and we are not a machine. 

Here is a massage from us ‘’ before you invest in something, invest time to understand it first’’ 

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