Am I?

Having trouble finding your path in life? Can’t meet the right soulmate? Time to switch careers?

It sounds like you might need some spiritual guidance. Don’t worry that makes all of u. 

Once upon a time i read a book which was about a Irish girl, and she quest knowledge. She had long been interested in various aspects of magic but is searching for something more. Her research leads her to people of a great wisdom, who being to teach her about the spiritual word. 

My name is Amy and i am an astrologer born in Iran and raised in Malaysia. Since i remember i believe  there should be a formula for this life, it can’t be just like what it-is. I started to investigate for almost a year and my research leaded me to Astrology. I ended up in my countries and met many professors starting from India and Bangladeshi to Egypt and whole Asia. After 10 straight years of studying finally 5 years ago i called myself an Astrologer. Apart from being an astrologer, I am a professional psychic reader, numerologist and i have studied metaphysics as well.

But the story of my-life haven’t end up here i knew everything about my true soulmate i finally found him 4 year ago. His name is Soleiman, Life goes correctly in the direction that i expected, he was so interested in this fabulous topic and he study as well which was a turning-point for us. In another hand he is master of his own destiny. 

No one can deny the role of astrology in our modern life this astrological system which reveals one’s past, present and future has gained an outstanding importance and becomes the core of the modern society thanks to the role it plays. For this reason, We decided to help who ever was in same situation as our starting point. It is in the human nature to want to pick behind the veil of the future to know what it is going to bring into our lives. But the curiosity is not the only reason that pushes us towards exploring the hidden, but also a simple practical desire to seize the chances that may have stayed unnoticed not we have known about them through astrological and psychic predictions.

We didn’t wanted to stop there though, i contact with all the professional astrologers that i use to knew in all over the word and some from our own team in India and Egypt for a collaborations. Our ultimate goal is to help those who want to be free , move forward in life and to anticipate obstacles and overcome them. Hence, they can challenge their destiny and take in into-their own hands. Here was where Soleiman come up with the idea of this website, in order to help people and businesses as well via Astrology, to help people understand that ultimately they are responsible for their own lives, since astrology in its broadest sense in the search for human meaning in the sky by seeking to understand general and specific human behaviors thought the influence of planets and other celestial objects.


Choose Us?

As Soleiman is very idealistic person and can’t cope with the real world, he investigate in the astrology websites and media, he find out all the birth charts  are calculated via widgets. Defiantly this type of calculations leads to general informations but there is no soul behind it. In order to be more specific and be more easy for our clients to cop with us, feel free to contact us and be able to talk to the person directly. ask for the specific suggestion on specific issue directly through our astrologers. We are very proud to announce we are not machine and everything is calculate via our professional astrologers. Our team located in different countries which help out our client to talk in different languages while being in different time zones.

Experienced Astrologers in every specialty

our Astrologers cover virtually every specialty and subspecialty.