Birth Chart Reading + Whatsapp Call


Astrological Birth Chart Reading with an hour online consultation.

What you will get after purchase:

1- The Full Birth Chart

2- Nature of House Lords

3- 144 Bhava Yogas

4- Marriage And Sexuality

5- Illness and Accidents

6- Delineations Modern

7- Delineations Classic

8- Dasas Planets

9- Marriage And Sexuality

10- Longevity

11- Core Yogas

12- Spirituality

13- Mental Illness



Astrology Birth Chart Reading
with an hour whatsapp call with an astrologer!

In today’s era, as more people seek meaning and self-discovery.

we’re here to help you connect with yourself and the universe using the power of the zodiac.

Astrology offers more than just your sun sign.

Exploring your birth chart provides valuable insights for making decisions in business, career, and relationships, as well as understanding yourself better.

By studying the planets and cosmos, astrologers can reveal personality traits, interests, and challenges based on your birth chart—a map of celestial activity at your birth.

This knowledge is validating and can guide major career choices and identify fulfilling relationships. There are three key components: your sun sign, representing life’s purpose; your moon sign, reflecting physical and emotional needs; and your ascendant (rising sign), governing your life’s direction and motivation.

For those seeking self-discovery, our team of available astrologers can provide personalized recommendations 24/7. Whether you’re a beginner or want in-depth insights on transits and birth chart compatibility, we offer a range of resources created by our team of human experts, who provide greater accuracy than machines.


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