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Frequently asked questions

What is astrology?

In general language, astrology is considered to be the method through which the gesture, horizon, extent, etc. of planets, constellations, etc. are inferred in the sky. By putting up with astrology, it is the impression of our society that this provides us with further evidence about future circumstances. Only you know. The contradiction or reality of astrology remains ambiguous even today, or belief on this discipline always keeps us roaming. I am providing logical impressions on this subject. Those who believe in astrology, astrologer, They hear to their knowledge and events. In those consequences, the revelation made by the astrologer remembers a circumstance that arrives true. There is a little reality in these occurrences. At the similar time, in many circumstances, the colour of fictions remains because sometimes the astrologer's revelation is true? Is there any relationship with this validity in astrology? What is the special behind the projections of astrologers? What do astrologers contend in the blessing of this scripture? How correct is this argument? What statements are given against the corruption of astrology?

Astrology has been classified best since time immemorial. The word "Veda" arose from the word Ved, which implies to understand or to know. With the proficiency of Jyotish Shastra, Jyotisha, knowledge of absolute faith can also be easily achieved. Astrology is not just a consequence of reverence and assumption, it is a consequence of education. Jyotish Shastra is the implication of Sanatana Veda. Inspired by this verdict, "Prabhu-Kripa" Bhagwat-attainment is also achieved by the yogic astrology. The significance of his body in the life of a human being is as much as that of the planets or the encircling environment like the Sun, Moon etc. Waked people have said that there are no two in this world or galaxy. If there is only one, If we take it in the biological understanding also, it implies that all are established from the five components. The similar five components from which our body is formed, the same five elements, the Sun, the Moon etc. planets have also been established. If there is any movement on them, it will affect our body too, because the component is the same. 'There are not two.

If we take the religious meaning of it, it is there in everyone, be it the sun, the moon, human beings, animals, birds, rivers, mountains, everything is the same in the wide. If there is one, there will be something anywhere, it will influence everyone. On this purpose too, planets affect human life. It is not spontaneous that all human actions are done by astrology. Astrology has been kept in the department to know the day, week, side, month, month, season, year and festival date. The human nation needs its proficiency. Religious celebrations, social celebrations, birthdays of great men, history of their ancient glory saga, this scripture is prepared to find out exactly anything. Its knowledge is included in our belief, our life and attitude. What about the taught and civilized nation, Illiterate and Indian farmers are also full of logical astrological proficiency. They know very well in which nakshatra the rainfall is good, so when should the seeds be sown so that the crop is good.

If the farmer did not know the elements of astrology, then most of its fruit would have failed. Some heroes may present the argument that in today's scientific age, the admirers of agricultural science can perform or do agricultural work by organizing or stopping the rains as needed. In this case, astrological knowledge is not required for the farmer. But they should not forget that today's science is also a disciple of ancient astrology. Most people have the desire to learn astrology. But the problem in front of them is, where to start astrology? Many teachers start astrology with horoscope-making. Most of the curious people get scared by the math of the horoscope. If some small things are considered, So it can be easily landed in the depths of astrology.

The constellation in the sky is named Nakshatra.

It is generally associated with the path of the moon, but in reality, it is appropriate to call any star committee as a constellation. One location in the Rigveda, the Sun, is also called Nakshatra. Other constellations are Saptarishi and Agastya. The moon in the sky moves in its orbit around the Earth and completes one orbit of the Earth in 27.3 days. Thus, in a menstrual cycle, the moon which passes between the groups of main stars in the sky, the same combination of the moon and the group of stars is called Nakshatra. About 27 different star groups are formed on the path of a 360˚ orbit of the moon, the same group of stars in the sky is known as the constellation or nakshatra.

In these 27 constellations, the moon completes a 13˚20 'orbit of each nakshatra in its orbit in about a day. Each constellation represents a particular constellation or a group of stars. The 27 Nakshatras are like - Ashwini, Bharani, Kritika, Rohini, Mrigasira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pusha, Ashlesha, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha, Jayestha, Mool, Poorvashada, Uttrashada, Shravana, Dhanishtha, Stabishak, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, Revathi and “Abhijeet” is 28th nakshatras which are used for Muhurta. All Nakshatras have their divine characteristics and each Nakshatra operates with the spiritual force of their Goddess. It is said that there is a big constellation from the planet and a large constellation is also found from the constellation. Every nakshatra sends a person of their nature to this world and according to the constellation, the person is given the responsibility of handling work and the world.

Nakshatras have been given a very important place in astrology. Whenever a prediction has to be made regarding the life of a person, then the planets along with the nakshatra position, zodiac etc. are also assessed. The constellations not only reflect the future but also reveal the personality of the human being. The astrologers even say that what is the nature of any person, what is his personality and his lifestyle. It Can be seen by looking at In the event of the effect of the constellations on the personality, here we talk about the constellation Kritika, who occupies the third place in the calculation of Nakshatras. Suryadeva is considered the lord of Kritika Nakshatra. The person born in these nakshatra influences of the sun. Due to the influence of the Sun, they are full of self-pride. They are self-respecting and also have a temperament, They get excited on small things and start turning red yellow with anger. The natives of this nakshatra are full of energy and are determined to do whatever they have in mind and finish it only. People born in the nakshatra are passionate, toil in whatever work they take responsibility for. Are busy working They are firm in rules, do not like to withdraw from rules and principles in any situation. If the people of this nakshatra try in the government sector, they get success. Physically, they remain healthy and active. They are more successful in the job than in the business. His theory in his life, Life value is very important. Due to their principles and idealism, they get a lot of respect in society. They receive respect in society as eminent persons. Those who are born in this constellation are ambitious. Whether they are in the job or maintaining their dominance in the business, if the natives of this nakshatra are in a government job, they control the entire office. The scope of their friendship is very small because they do not get much mingling with the people but they play well their friendship with their friends. Their behaviour towards enemies is very strict. They never give up in life and have the ability to defeat enemies. They like to stay away from love affairs. They have fewer children, but the first child is virtuous and famous. His relations with his wife will be normal. But the first child is virtuous and famous. His relations with his wife are normal. But the first child is virtuous and famous. His relations with his wife are normal.

Is there a way to predict your death through Vedic astrology?

One explanation of why people want to understand when or how they will disappear is that they want to avoid it. For example, if the astrologer foresees that they will have a disaster, they may come to be more comprehensive about their protection. Or, if they are inclined to bring some infection, they may go for formal check-ups to distinguish it ahead and take adequate therapy.

The precise time of casualty is very hard to foresee in astrology. It is sure of on the planetary stances, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha interval. There are no quick slices or different techniques to foresee the circumstance. Many components, characteristics, and mixtures may result in casualty. Jyotish implies aspects that may or may not occur. Only by glancing at the responsibilities of all the planets in coincidence with the Sun in the birth chart along with the Dasha network, can the period become at. Some of the planets that are significators of a casualty are Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and sun.

Can my career get predicted through astrology?

Career or business choice with detailed career astrology at the good phase can construct the life of an individual forever. One should appoint employment founded on one's natural mastery & concern vetted through what your job nature demonstrates by the chart. Selecting a job established on heritage, public directions, or household anxieties can be difficult. I will not straightway begin composing by looking into a career chart. But I will first understand from a layman's opinion as to at what phase the business horoscope expects to be cited for the nicest career concepts.

Position of Career Astrology

Kundali study for a career begins assisting an individual from the moment of assigning the book after 10th class or 12th class as per the existing teaching procedure in India. This can shift with different teaching agreements, but change will only be borderline announce it could be 11th class. This lays the organisational rock for all job forecasts. Accordingly, the astrologer has to be very incredibly cautious & interactive. This assists a person in proceeding with the identical torrent as far as possible. The true subject choice at the right period & class is the most significant judgment in a career chart assignment. But incidentally, numerous people do not bestow due to implication to this.

Job or Business

All cannot be a worker, and all cannot be a businessman. A special arena of business /career may suit you as a worker, but may not suit you as an employer. A physician may be profitable helping in a hospital but may not accomplish in running thrown own clinic. Your natal chart demonstrates to do a chore or business i.e., whether you will be prosperous as a worker or employer. Such judgments founded only on the D-1 chart are bound to go wrong. In career astrology, the major house to contemplate for career alternatives is the 10th house. Then I evaluate some certain houses 10th house, 3rd house, 5th, 6th house, 7th house, 11th house and rulers of such houses. Most valuable to examine here is whether you have a worker combination or employer combination in your natal chart & how your natal chart houses to help it.

Job problems and your natal chart

Once you have taken a wide judgment on whether you should go for a job or business, furthermore, there are several components for accomplishment and disappointment in both a job and the business. Both the topics are vast sufficiently for me to understand in one write-up. For business-related consequences, you may examine a similar extensive demonstration on business astrology. Here, I will proceed to speak about job problems & your career chart. Your horoscope may demonstrate a job for you, but you may be discovering it impossible to protect one. The other situations may be that you may be proceeding with a job, but proceeding in it may not be accessible due to some crises. While in a job, there could be many problems like not receiving a job as per your intention, no job, if no job, then how long you will continue jobless and furthermore.

Government job in your chart

Earning a Govt job is also established on the stability of certain specific planets and houses in your chart. Two planets, most greatly, Sun and Moon boost a Government job. Other planets to help the Govt job are Saturn, Mars & Jupiter. Govt job signifies permission and glory. 10th house in a natal chart and its ruler largely assist Govt job possibilities, so both should be powerful and favourable. Particularly people striving outstanding Govt jobs like IAS, IPS must have a strong 10th house & its ruler. Strong exams are commonly a pre-condition for the Government job. So the 6th house must be powerful. 11th house of profits and earnings from a career should also be powerful.

Not earning growth – Should I rebuild my career

The most crucial reason for those in jobs is growth or modification of job for overall advancement.

The sixth house takes supervision of your career; the ninth house is the sixth house's solidarity, whereas the 11th house is the secondary house for consequences associated with the sixth house. problems are decent dealt with through person who has genuine knowledge of Vedic astrology of 6th, 9th, and 11 bhavas. While changing positions jobs also, it occurs that one shifts a job in a mad rush or out of sheer enthusiasm. Vedic astrology handles with such rashness relatively aptly if at all addressed by an eligible person.

Opportunities of abroad accommodation in a natal chart

One very significant issue in a livelihood is where to settle: in your region or a different country. All kinds of problems can be aptly and sufficiently resolved through the chart of the native. Nonetheless, there is a little private to it as adequately. Measuring the chance of moving abroad is one thing, whereas examining that likelihood while distinguishing with other possibilities matters.

Suspicion of eviction and removals

Many moments people move abroad out of selfishness, temptations, seeing other's lifestyle, false traps etc. This can arise when we suppose to travel overseas without the proper approval of the foreign settlement from our natal chart. Visa terminating, being dragged out of a job, or not discovering a job after obtaining an education are some of the scary circumstances that absorb many.

What are the bad effects of Moon and Ketu conjunction in horoscope?

Moon is about excitement and Ketu is about the ending of horrible and the change towards integrity. Ketu can be characterized as a female renunciant (a festival for the whole life), who grows on the nutrition she gets from begging while enlightening a monastic life. Ketu is a various caste realm. Ketu is without a head and is shady and smoky planet-like Rahu. It is announced to have a snake core. Ketu is moreover cited as Moon's south node. While Moon exemplifies psychology, excitement, nap, mood swings, Ketu is all about vacating the terrible and volatile towards the religious direction. So, the circumstance of Moon and Ketu in the horoscope may make the person thoughtful, introverted and loaner.

How does astrology work in the stock market?

Share market

There is a possibility of receiving sudden money from the stock market and lotteries in the horoscope. Whether or not we have to assess the position of the Ascendant of the horoscope, the second house, the eleventh house, the Lord of the Ascendant house, the eleventh house, and the guru and Rahu Ketu. These circumstances increase the chances of sudden wealth. We should also see the eighth house, the ninth house and the tenth house. These houses are related to the house of wealth and the planets mentioned above give sudden wealth in their times.

For-profit in the stock market

Consider the eighth house from the ascendant: For whether or not a person will benefit from insurance, unearned money we should consider the eighth house.

Whether the native will get ancestral property or not. The wealth which the native receives without much effort, the money earned from the stock market will also be called something similar. If the 8th lord gets well, one can get good money without much hard work. If the 12th lord, is situated in the eighth house or the 6th lord is situated in the 8th house then the Vipreet Raja Yoga is created. If the owner of the 12th house or 6th house or both are situated in the eighth house, then such a person should never invest in the stock market. The probability of loss will be more. Apart from this, if there is 6th lord is with Rahu and exalted Rahu is in the fifth house, then such a person is more likely to receive money in the stock market by accident. Do not be tempted too much. When Rahu dasha is with the 6th lord dasha and Rahu will be placed in the fifth house by becoming exalted, then he will give immense benefits.

Why is Saturn so important in Indian astrology?

In the scriptures, Shani is characterized as the son of Sun and brother of Yama, the god of demise. Clarifying the characteristics of Shani, it is written in the historical scripture "Sri Shani Mahatmya" that Shani Dev is black and his form is beautiful, his caste is oily and he worships Kaal-Bhairava. Shani is understood to be the cause of that doshas. When Saturn is existing in someone's moon zodiac, a zodiac sign before or after it, it is called a sadhe sati. It is explained that the future is forfeited during the sadhe sati. But Saturn is contemplated to be the gladdest planet. If formal worship of Shani is performed and sesame, oil, and black things are bestowed, then it does not take much time to bring Shani Dev's tolerance.

According to the scriptures, Hanumanji emancipates the supporters from all the problems of Shani. According to mythology in Ramayana, Hanumanji rescued Shani from the captivity of Ravana and Shani Dev vowed to him that whoever respects Hanumanji, Shani Dev will protect him from all likelihood.

Saturn’s time offers insights into the personality of your Karma done in your earlier life. Whether or not you fired your experienced, your mortal, and connection responsibilities with seriousness and persistence! Whether or not you had the heart to give and provide selflessly, charitably, & compassionately (Like contributions and charities)! Whether or not you inhabited honestly, righteously, and judiciously! A well-placed Saturn in your kundali is a mechanical tick on the boxes, and rest convinced, you’ll now obtain the advantages of the good you did in past.

What is the Mahabhagya Yoga in astrology?

'Mahabhagya Yoga' is a god blessing…

There are many Raja Yoga in astrology. And they all have their importance. But the most special of these is Mahabhagya Yoga. Mahabhagya Yoga is yoga beyond Raja Yoga. The person born in this yoga is especially blessed by God. As the name of this yoga proves, a person with this yoga is very lucky. The native-born in this yoga is not ordinary but is a master of extraordinary talent. That person illuminates the name of his family and family with his fortune. Such a person, whether born in a poor household or rich household, is successful.

Mahabhagya Yoga is one of the largely important and prominent yogas in Vedic Astrology. As the name implies, ‘Maha’ says ‘great’ and ‘Bhagya’ says ‘fortune’. So, if you have Mahabhagya Yoga in your natal chart, you were perhaps survived with a silver spoon in your mouth. You will necessarily be honoured with enormous prosperity.

So propitious is this yoga that it strengthens the across-the-board quality of the natal chart. It is realized to be a very unusual yoga where the mixtures are several for a man- woman.

For example, this yoga is made in Morarji Desai's chart. Morarji was born in a very simple family. His father was a teacher. He became deputy collector on the strength of his hard work and hard work, but due to the loyalty of the country, he gave up that job and jumped into the freedom struggle and there was a time when he came to occupy the highest powerful post of India.

What is the difference between lagna chart and navamsa chart?

Lagna chart or D1 Chart, illustrates the full image of our existences, including brainpower, attitude, physical type, mental stability, financial condition, health, friendships, deficits, and household. The planetary mixtures indicated in the Lagna chart interprets the circumstances in our existences that might affect us physically. Decent mixtures in the tenth house of the D1 chart assure decent life. A person who draws enjoyment in regions of life, he might not care about a safe job with periodic revenue. This might or might not be illustrated in the D1 Chart. Nonetheless, only one house in the D1 Chart can help infer the circumstances of numerous regions of life. The fifth house can interpret several facets comprising kids, researches, capacities, adore & fantasy, and genetic skills. Everybody assumed within two hours might have the same D1 Chart. This does not imply the circumstances in their life are similar.

So, what can enable us? The D9 Chart or d9 Chart, attained by allocating the D1 Chart into nine parts, can enable. The districts of Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, and Gemini occur in a progression. For example, if there are good mixtures in an anyone's Lagna Chart and the planets pertained to in such mixtures also occur in the D9 Chart, one can be convinced of favourable circumstances. On the other side, bad mixtures and weak arrangements of the planets in the Navamsha Chart can occur in harmful circumstances.

The Navamsha Chart can also enable infer the integrity that a person has inherited. For example, if someone has Moon in the ascendant of the D9 Chart, he or she will have an attention-grabbing voice. That someone also has the capacity of comprehending other native's emotions. In a similar means, a person having Mercury in the Lagna will be very instinctive. He or she will be strong and decent at evaluating aspects. Above all, they are very decent in the information. Thus, if one has other planets in the Lagna, he or she is likely to retain the integrity of those planets. The indication in which a planet is founded also has to be put up with into account. For instance, Moon’s attainment will be adequately in watery signs when correlated with its achievement in violent signs. That is the justification for why Moon’s integrity will be apparent in liquid Zodiacs.

Besides, planets having sight of 120 degrees say the main role in inferring the personalities of someone. Barely put, the Navamsha Chart can say you what the fascination of a native is. Navamsha also plays a crucial position in giving rise to rulings about connections, weddings, in personal. The Navamsha Chart lends an in midst understanding of the qualities of a person's monetary gains, banking on the planets inhabiting the 7th house. It also provides an idea about the economic importance of a native. Above all, it will tell you about the kind of Dharma a somebody is getting on to attend in the nation.

Here are some of the mixtures that help infer them:

Venus spotted in the navmansha chart

Venus spotted in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th bhavas

Mixtures of 5th and 9th house owners

Which is the most important house in astrology?

The First House is the most important house in astrology as it represents you yourself.

The first house also understood as the House of Self in astrology is the most significant examination of someone's identity, moods, technique, attitude, and bodily factors. Among astrology houses clarified, it is understood as the lagna, shows your behaviour, as well as your likings and fears. The first house exemplifies how you ascertain yourself in front of others and how others anticipate you. Often, it suggests to your physical factors, especially the shape of your skull and complexion, which vary being sure of on the Zodiac and planets in this house.

When we believe what is the first house, we occasionally refer to it as the house of private dividends, as it distinguishes what you would love to obtain from existence and how you work to attain it. The spot of the astrology first house in your d1 chart is greatly significant in the horoscope, as it distinguishes the responsibilities of all continuing astrology houses. In astrology, the first house is guessed of like a magnifying glass through which the rest of the birth chart is being understood and comprehended.

Can destiny or fate be changed astrologically? If yes, then what is the best method?

Anyone who has to explore the Hindu scriptures or comprehend Indian ideology wouldn't deny the impact of karmic pressures in the life of human beings and the hypothesis of life, demise and revival; the belief of reincarnation. karma is highly relevant and intertwined.

Whatever we accomplish is karma and obtain the outcome of karma. The outcome may be obtained in this life or the next birth. When we believe that why shall we receive the outcome of this birth in our subsequent birth, we may not receive an explanation if we believe in a real body. But if we contemplate to be religious entities and arrive on the earth for a brief voyage, they we may realize that though the body has remade, we haven't- we are the similar being in a distinct body. You may name the being the self. Irrespective of the body the soul now have, he has to bear the outcome of the history karma.

The outcomes are nothing but the circumstances that occur in our life-good or awful, the circumstances that occur in our life-good or awful. But then these circumstances and incidents compel us to conduct in a specific way. that is the karma we are accomplishing in this life..which furthermore will affect some circumstances or incidents to occur in the prospect. If this is the case are we so extensively bound by the endless chain of cause and effect..karma and the outcome, which we cannot bring out from this chain. Is the circumstance so unfortunate? No, it is not. The circumstance is not so much hopeless. we have an available will. But the normal concern occurs here is that if we are so much bound by the process of cause and effect, where is the extent of free will!! Though there looks like that there is no extent, there is a sufficient extent for the practice of free will.

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