Natal Chart

What is Natal Chart?

In general, natal chart is everything you need to know to decoding your chart and yourself. Astrology and natal chart has been around for thousands of years and impacted all of the major civilizations worldwide. There are three very important informations about you which help our astrologer team to calculate your birth-chart which is your date, time and place of the birth. While a lot of people cringe because they don’t have their exact time of birth on hand, thats okay, you can still see a great deal about who you are and where your life is ultimately headed even by just utilizing you date and year of the birth. 

So basically astrology is an art form, which is why working with a professionals may ultimately provide the most rewarding experience. 

Let’s get some definition out of the way , first of all, your birth chart is a map of where the planets were at the exact moment a person, situation, relationship began. And here is the answer to the question in your mind, YES!

Countries, pets, businesses and marriages all have their own natal chart. However, even for  simplicity way, we’ll obviously not only focus on the birth chart of the person.

But it wont be finish there, there are a lot of different chart can be made such as 

  • solar return charts which is predictions of what will happen in the year to come for your
  • compatibility charts which also known as synastry charts that assess the strengths and weaknesses of two individuals
  • Election astrology chart Which is mapping out the starts for to plan for specific actions to increase one’s luck and success in actions

And for those who have no experience in astrology we have to mention that you just need to have the courage to look up to the stars, know that you’re part of something bigger and trust that astrology can be the lens to guide you. Our professional team are 24/7 there for you to reach them.

  • Personal Birth Chart
  • Financial Situation
  • Geographical Suggestions
  • Health Advice